Bioinformatics Workflows

Boost your sequencing data analysis with our on-premise or as-a-service solutions.

Our solutions

We develop custom, accurate and reproducible bioinformatics workflows for NGS-based applications.

Our workflows include:

Germline and Somatic DNA-seq

Liquid Biopsy

RNA-Seq, miRNA and long non-coding RNA

Viral genomes and Ribosome profiling

High parallelization and reproducibility

We develop and deploy bioinformatics pipelines according to a workflow management system that allows formal description of workflows and job partitioning. Our custom solutions keep track of pipeline executions, job information, and resource metadata that can be easily interrogated through a web interface to enable monitoring and debugging of the workflows. We provide best in class bioinformatics solutions coupled with computational efficiency and reproducibility.

Custom projects

We discuss with the customer all of their bioinformatics needs

We write a proposal according to their specific goals

The proposal is revised by both parties until an agreement is reached on a final draft

We define a contract with milestones in terms of deliverables and payments

We deliver

How we deliver

Bioinformatics workflows are installed, configured and optimized on clients' hardware infrastructure.


Bioinformatics workflows are installed and AWS cloud. The client will have full control of the cloud account.


We run the desired bioinformatics workflow on clients' data and send back the results quickly and securely.