ESHG Sneak peek: Finding order in genomic disorders with enGenome’s AI
15 April 2024

APRIL 23 2024 | 4:30pm CET 

Sneak peek into our upcoming ESHG corporate satellite with this exclusive 30-minute webinar!

We will present to you the transformative power of our artificial intelligence to understand the complexities of genomic disorders.

Webinar Agenda:

  • ESHG Warm-up: discover the surprises we will have during our ESHG session, including an iPhone giveaway.

  • VarChat Overview: have a look at our revolutionary GenAI platform designed to rapidly find and summarize updated scientific literature associated with genomic variants. 

  • eVai Showcase: check out eVai, our award-winning variant interpreter that automates ACMG guidelines and prioritizes variants to highlight candidate diagnoses.

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We look forward to having you there!