eVai: Mastering Variant Interpretation in Diagnostics
12 October 2023

OCTOBER 20 2023 | Session 1: 3pm CET | Session 2: 10 am Pacific Time

Facing challenging tasks calls for outstanding tools, and our best-in-class variant interpreter excels in enhancing your diagnostic yield.

Join our upcoming webinar to gain access to an exclusive free trial and explore the remarkable features of eVai, including:

  • AI-powered variant interpretation for hypothesis-free and hypothesis-driven approaches. 

  • A clear understanding of how phenotypes, inheritance fit, and variant pathogenicity impact the prioritization.

  • Stringent security and quality measures, being CE IVD certified and fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA

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Don't miss this opportunity to master variant interpretation in diagnostics. Join us at the eVai webinar and take a significant step towards diagnostic excellence.