enGenome presenting at SIGU 2023 in Rimini, Italy
20 September 2023

We are happy to announce that enGenome will be participating in this year's SIGU conference in Rimini, Italy, from October 4th to 6th. As part of our presence at the conference, we are hosting a workshop focusing on the best-in-class Suggested Diagnosis feature of eVai platform.

Suggested Diagnosis leverages the power of artificial intelligence to prioritize variants based on a given clinical score, that takes into account the patient’s phenotype, inheritance fit and variant pathogenicity.The result is an increase in the diagnostic yield, effectively equipping clinicians with a more precise and informed tool for genetic diagnosis. 

One other point that sets Suggested Diagnosis apart is its transparency and explainability. Users have the opportunity to look into the algorithm's rationale for prioritizing specific variants, gaining a deeper understanding of the diagnostic process and ensuring confidence in the outcomes.

Join us at our workshop during the SIGU conference in Rimini and visit our booth #25

For all the details and registration, head over to SIGU Conference 2023.